The easiest way to paint legs…

If you’re anything like us, painting furniture legs is not on the top of your list of favorite things to do.  I don’t know how we didn’t think of this before, but better late than never I say!

I (Dorrie) am refinishing a massive desk for a client.  When my hubby and I unloaded it from the van to put in the garage workshop, he had the good idea to remove the legs to make it easier for me to paint them.  Now I have a desk on the floor and the legs, all eight of them, unattached.  I wasn’t overly keen on holding them by the part that screws back into the desk and wasn’t sure how’d I’d rig them up to dry…Suddenly the light bulb went on!!!  I found a piece of scrap wood, got the drill out, and drilled a few holes in it the size of the screw that was on top of the legs.  I took the legs, screwed them into my 1×4 and voila!  Problem solved.  They can dry standing up, both of my hands were free to paint and it took all of 1 minute to do! 


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