How to get rid of stubborn water spots on wood for good!

A friend of mine messaged me and asked if  I knew of a good way to get rid of water marks on wood furniture.  Why yes, yes I do!  I use the good ol’ ironing method.  I happened to have a piece that was in need of some repair, so I took a few minutes, snapped a few cheesy iPad pics, and voila!
The water marks are G-O-N-E!!!

Ok y'all, here's what we're working with...I know, it's pretty pathetic looking.
Ok y’all, here’s what I’m working with…I know, it’s pretty unsightly.

I gathered my supplies~
…an iron
…an old pillow case
…a spray bottle filled with water
…tung oil or other oil and an old rag to apply


I sprayed the pillow case until moist, not saturated.image

Placed the pillow case moist side down…

…and with the iron on the highest setting and no steam…

…the ironing began!  Keep the iron moving to avoid burning the wood and check it often.

It took me about three minutes to get a repair that I was satisfied with.

Once I was certain that it was dry, I applied a bit of tung oil to refresh the wood.

Here she is looking good as new!


Do you have a favorite method for ridding wood furniture of pesky water spots? If so, we’d love to hear them. xo

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