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MMS “Julia” inspired Bull Trophy Mount

From the first time I laid eyes on Julia, Miss Mustard Seed’s infamous heifer mount (that you MUST check out Here!), it was love at first sight. She was simple, not at all showy, and had a very distinguished, classy look about her. I wanted that cow!


Well, I never did buy a “Julia” because they were highly sought after and always out of stock. Instead and very much by chance, I came across a piece that reminded me of Julia. He could in fact, be Julia’s man! Here’s Rocco the bull y’all! When I found this guy, I new right away that I could give him a custom, not so cheesy feel. I painted and aged the bull head and then mounted it on a milk painted plaque. He’s no Julia, but he’s a really great next best thing.

Miss mustard seed cow head

As it so happens, someone saw him online and he sold really quickly, so I was forced to replace him with this guy, who truth be told, I love even more than Rocco!

Miss mustard seed cow

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