Interior Decorating & Design

Our consultation is the foundation for all services, including extended design services, but it can also serve a stand alone service during which we will answer all your decorating and design questions—no holds barred!

After you’ve filled out our questionnaire and we’ve scheduled your appointment, we will send you an email with some information on how to prepare for your consultation. It’s really helpful for us to see photos of the spaces you’d like to work on. We also want to know what inspires you and what treasures you already have so that we can help make your home feel like you. Upload those inspo pictures so we can help bring your vision to life!

If there is a specific recommendation or something we’ve discussed during our time together that we feel you might find helpful, we will absolutely share that with you, however we do encourage you to take notes during our stand-alone consultation, as a thorough recap is not provided. This is often a rapid fire appointment during which we discuss multiple components of several spaces from paint color options, to furniture placement and everything in between. If you’d like a little more than just a consultation, please check out our Consultation & Conversation service.

If your consultation was a stepping stone to extended services, we will always follow up with next steps. 

We sure do! After reviewing your questionnaire and getting a feel for what you’d like to cover during our time together, we will suggest a longer consultation if we feel we’ll need more time to address all your areas of concern.

Absolutely! We love working with what homeowners already own. Creating a new look with what’s already in your home is our superpower! If you need help styling, our 6 hour Designer for a Day package is a great option.

Paint Consultations

We narrow down options down to one or two per area so making a final decision is easy.

We will often provide a primary option and an alternative. Paint looks different depending on the time of day and we want to make sure you love your new palette.

As a standard, we specify Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

Home Staging

Nope, not if you don’t care about selling for top dollar! If however, your goal is to make as much as you can on the sale of your property, presenting a market ready property is a must! There are more buyers now than ever before, shopping online and making offers over list price having never even stepped foot inside the home! Make no mistake though, buyers want to feel that they’ve come out of pocket for a home that is well presented and is in as close to move-in-ready condition as possible.

Gone are the days where it’s out with the old and in with all new rented furnishings! Our occupied consultation is more than a “put this there” and “depersonalize that”—it’s an actionable, visual marketing strategy meant to give prospective buyers a glimpse of the life they could have if they buy your home. We provide expert advice, using your furnishings all while keeping your timeframe and budget top of mind.

Our consultation does not include a follow up visit, but we do offer an MLS photo styling session. Learn more about our Styling Session here.

Why hire a painter when you’re perfectly capable of painting? Why hire a plumber, when you can watch a YouTube video and learn how to install that new faucet on your own? The truth is, some things are best left to the experts. We are experienced, efficient and know exactly how to refine each space to create a perception of lifestyle that buyers won’t be able to resist, but more importantly, that they’ll be willing to make top dollar offers on!