I have the best job ever!

I often get asked why “Simple Southern Charm?”  It’s pretty straightforward really.  I strive to make the process simple, streamlined and as stress free as possible. 

Southern—Well, I’m a northerner living in the south.  My husband, our five awesome kids and I, relocated from New Jersey nearly eight years ago and well, North Carolina has claimed my heart.  The “y’all” speaks to my soul, and let’s face it, it sounds so much sweeter than “yous guys”!

And regardless of if you’re creating a haven for yourself or prepping a property to list, everyone appreciates a home with some charm.  It’s what allows people to reconnect and fall back in love with their space.  When listing, the charm is the secret sauce that makes buyers decide that they’ve found THE one.

I can do picture perfect, but embracing a bit of imperfection and mixing old with new is my jam and where I feel most authentic and inspired.  Working together, you’ll see that I’m a “wear my heart on my sleeve” kind of gal.  I love empowering my clients and sharing my passion for DIY-friendly design and home staging.  I thrive on inspiring people to paint outside the lines and push past their creative comfort zones to create spaces that feel like home.

I eat, sleep, and breathe interior design, decorating and home staging!