It’s been a LOOOOOOONG time…

Hey y’all!  It’s been a very, very long while since this page has seen any action and in all fairness, an explanation is in order.  Most of you who follow me, do so on Facebook. While I have found that to be the easiest, most direct way to reach you all, it’s not why I stopped writing here. Plain and simple, the blog did not make me happy.

Let me rewind a bit. My sister and I partnered up about 2 years ago. We joined forces in hopes of finding our niche as a team. It’s easy really. You love what you do, for me it’s painting, so you make a facebook page, hope that it gains some interest, take a booth at a local shop and the natural next step seemed to be blogging…well, the Facebook interest came, the painting was still happening, but the booth was just not what we’d hoped for and the blog, oh the friggin’ blog. Do any of you have that one room in your house that you avoid because you dislike it so much?? The one that you know could be great, that plenty of wonderful memories could happen in, but you just can’t stand to look at it, so instead of dealing with it, you shut the door and forget about it? Yup, me too and it was this blog. Long story short, we hired a designer, and despite several red flags, including being told that due to a pregnancy, said designer was feeling “uninspired” about our project, we decided to proceed. BIG, BIG, mistake! It was a foul relationship at best and one that cost us a pretty penny. The sheer disgust and frustration made it such that neither my sister nor I felt compelled to write.AT.ALL…EVER. The page was nothing more than a slightly glorified free wordpress site, with my sister having added most of the little extras herself. Yes, if it’s sounding like I’m bitter, it’s because I totally am.

Anywho, enough of that. Fast forward a bunch and here we are. It’s a new day, I have some wonderful new opportunities on the horizon, and have hired a magnificent blog designer, Melissa Bandera of Jelly Design Studio to redesign this place and spiff it up a bit! From our initial correspondence to the design board she put together for me, I knew she was going to be the one to turn this page into my incredible new reality! I’m so pleased with how it’s all turned out. She was incredible to work with, had phenomenal creative insight and just knew her stuff. This experience compared to our first was like night and day and I can’t recommend her enough!

I can’t wait to get back to it and hope you’ll join me for the ride! xoxo

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