The BEST stain removal product for oil based stains


Got stains? Yup, me too. Most of ours tend to be oil based or you guessed it, paint. Today I’m going to share a few photos and a quick video of how I’ve gotten rid of oil based stains with virtually no effort. This may very well be that last stain removal tutorial you’ll ever need to watch. I’m not even kidding! Stay tuned for a post on my go to products for getting rid of paint stains. In the meantime, check out this magic!

The before and after pictures below are of my area rug. Two of my sneaky little ones have an obsession with my lipstick and have gotten it on SO.MANY.THINGS. The throw rug in our first floor bathroom (featured in the video), our bedroom carpet, their clothes… Grrrr!


Can you even believe how great this stuff works?!

I swear, I liken Fels Naptha to magic in a bar. It literally dissolves oil based gunk within seconds. I’ve purchased it in stores locally, but if you’re an Amazon shopper and especially if you have Amazon Prime, this deal for (4) bars is fantastic! Trust me, they won’t go to waste.

On my area rug, I did wind up using my carpet cleaner after the majority of the stain had been dissolved. The area rug is on hardwood floors and I wanted to ensure that the residue and water were gone. By the way, if you’re looking for a new carpet cleaner, this one is the BOMB! I love that it has a hand tool. Since these were fairly small stains, I was able to use the hand tool to target those areas only. The hand tools is awesome for cleaning car mats too!

Other stains I’ve successfully removed using Fels Naptha include butter, cooking oil, those insane phantom oil stains that sometimes appear after washing clothes, motor oil and oil based paint that hadn’t yet dried. All of the above were removed from cotton fabric which tends to be quite absorbent. In all seriousness, this stuff is amazing. It is absolutely a must have for anyone who handles laundry duty. Happy cleaning!

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