Have I mentioned I’m a sucker for cedar chests!?

Well, well, well, what have we here???  Yup, another trunk.  What can I say, I’m a sucker for them, especially this Lane with the original key.  I bought this guy about 8 months ago.  I fell in love with the front and of course, the magnificent smell of the interior.  It smelled soooo good, probably very much like it did when it was new.  It’s tough to tell from this photo since I had already stripped the top, but it definitely had the typical piece of the past look, complete with black flecks of paint. 

A very special client came to visit, saw it and asked me to refinish it for her.  I didn’t have a particular vision for it nor did she.  She left it to my discretion to choose the colors and knowing the other pieces I would be refinishing for her, here’s what I came up with…


I used Paint Couture! paint  of course(because it really is AMAZING!) The frame is Peacock and the accents were done in St. Bart’s Blue, Arctic White, French Polynesian Pink and Russian Red.  When I had originally painted the stars, that’s what I’m calling them anyway, I had chosen Arctic White and Russian Red.  Against the Peacock it looked slightly Christmasy.  I wasn’t sure that my client loved Christmas as much as me, so I decided to add the St. Bart’s Blue to the white stars and the French Poly Pink to the Russian Red.  I love how it turned out and think it’s kinda cool that depending on what angle you’re looking at the piece from, you may see more pink and white or more aqua and red.  The colors are very vibrant and since I decided to stain the top a mix of Minwax ebony and walnut, I knew the bottom would need some Van Dyke Brown glaze to give it an authentically aged look that would tie it all together.  I really wanted a nice, hard finish, so I used our latest product Lacquer Couture!.  Did I mention it was easy to use, and has a really quick dry time?!  Every refinishers dream!  I’d love to here your feedback, so feel free to leave a comment.  xo


I absolutely LVOE the dimension I was able to achieve along the molding on the frame!


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