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Pictures of our newly painted house!!!

As many of you know, we recently hired a painter to tackle the daunting task of painting our home. We’ve only lived here for a little over a year, but builder beige bordem was setting in.  I managed to negotiate a great deal with a local painter and consequently convinced the hubs that in addition to the fence needing sealed (this was the primary reason we hired the painter!), the interior also needed a little love. While I would have loved to have the entire house done, my priority was the main living areas with the most traffic. We can tackle the other spaces later. Anywho, as you know, we were having trouble selecting the right color. I really love the muted aqua, but I also know myself and how much I like to change up decor, so I knew we needed something a bit more neutral. This had my husband talking crazy saying things like, “The color it is now is perfect.” Now don’t get me wrong, I value my hubby’s opinion, but I also knew these walls were destined for something awesome. I decided to paint the sample colors that I shared with you all on various areas of the walls and very shortly after having done so, I knew the aqua and green that were so popular amongst our Facebook followers were not going to work. The golds that Mama SSCharm and I both loved were out because they just didn’t compliment the cabinetry…We were stuck, arguing and getting absolutely no where, so I gave the painter a call and rescheduled him for Monday to give ourselves the weekend to test out a few more colors. You wouldn’t think this would be such a chore, but our home is very open, particularly the kitchen and family room. The largest wall of the family room reaches all the way to the front door without a break, so the colors really had to be perfect.  Back to the drawing board we went!  Over a cup of coffee on Sunday morning, we found what I think are the perfect colors! They’re not very traditional, but they work for us. Remember the BEFORE pictures??CollageBefores

Here are the AFTERs! We absolutely love these colors and how warm they make our house feel.  My best friend came by to visit and I was so excited to here her say how the paint made the house feel more cozy. That’s totally what I was hoping for! Warm, cozy, and inviting with a bit of depth.  Mission accomplished! Again, I realize this look isn’t for everyone, but it’s perfect for us.  I’d love to here your feedback, so feel free to leave a comment. I’ll be sure to post some follow up pictures once the drapes are back up. xoxox


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