He’s Duncan, Mr. Phyfe if you’re nasty!

Sorry, Janet Jackson was on the radio while I was writing. I couldn’t resist! Anywho, here’s the BEFORE of that Duncan Phyfe glass top table I mentioned a few days ago. Not a bad looking table, but certainly in need of a little love and attention.




…and here’s the after!
Since there wasn’t much in the way of details to highlight, I made my own. I painted black stripes around the sides of the glass overlay and thick pinstripes…wait, can you have thick pinstripes!?…never mind…I added pinstripe details to the legs just to make them really stand out. I also used a champagne glaze over all the black accents to soften the look. The top is a custom paper that I fell I love with. It really suits the style of the table…classy and full of personality. I’d love to hear your thoughts!







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