Blow Your MIND—Not Your BANK ACCOUNT: Artwork On A Budget

Raise your hand if you’re so excited that it’s almost the weekend! Do you know what feels just as satisfying as that weekend feeling? A beautiful piece of art hanging in your home or MULTIPLE pieces hanging out together—I’m looking at you, gallery wall! 

Artwork can completely transform your space into something vibrant and fresh OR it can be the thing that totally pulls a room together! Have you ever had a moment as you’re strolling through a store where a piece artwork literally jumps up and makes you think “this is me!”? Imagine how much easier it would be to craft a decorating plan off of a piece of artwork that you truly love! 

My office is a compilation of colorful artwork that I just adore! There’s a mix of originals that I’ve either purchased or painted, prints from a calendar and HomeGoods finds.

“Okay, okay”, you’re thinking, “but I don’t have tons of money to spend on a stunning statement piece!” Let’s pump the breaks—awesome artwork doesn’t necessarily come by way of spending big. There are options within every budgetary comfort zone and and ways to create an artwork impact! Follow these steps and before you know it your walls will be your next #WCW (Wall Crush Wednesday)! 

My dining room is a giant mix of vintage/flea market finds, pieces passed down from my grandmother, originals that I’ve either painted, purchased or that family members have created and prints. My fave is one that my aunt created of my grandmother and son holding hands.

Step 1: Let’s Talk About The Green Elephant in Room (Money)

Determine your budget—you need to know how much you want to spend or the rest of the process will seem not so fun. Are you willing to spend $100? $50? $25? $10? This is a crucial first step in most interior design, but especially when figuring out what to decorate your walls with! 

Step 2: Scavenger Hunt Time

Sourcing your artwork is a lot like going on a scavenger hunt! Every piece you don’t care for provides a little insight as to what you do like and at the end of this hunt, there is going to be treasure! Here are some of my favorite places to look for art:

  • Etsy
    • Etsy can be a great place to find original works or prints at a fair price. A lot of the time, the pieces come with a framing option so that’s even more convenient for you, superstar! These are a few of my favorite Etsy artists!
    • RachelEliseShop
    • Unratio
    • XingmaiPainting
    • TinyFawn
  • Instagram
    • Truth be told, Insta is one of my favorite places to find original artwork! I’ve come across more talent on this platform and have purchased upwards of fifteen originals from both budding artists looking to dip their toes into selling their stash, to established artists who sell their works at very affordable prices simply because they want to make the world a prettier place.
  • A Local Gift Shop
    • Go take a stroll through the card section of your favorite gift shop. Are there any greeting cards that stand out? Who says you have to give that cute card to your niece on her birthday?! Keep it for yourself and let’s stick that baby in a frame (or get two and give one to your niece if you’re feeling especially guilty).
  • Online Print Shops
    • There are so many incredible online print shops, some of which will send you prints and others which allow you to purchase and print on your own. I’ve purchased prints for as little as $5.00! What I love about going this route is that you get access to pieces that might have otherwise been out of your budgetary comfort zone, for a tiny fraction of the cost of the original, in the size of your choosing! Take a peek at a few of my faves.
    • Juniper
    • Artfully Walls
  • Antique Shops
    • Antique shops—talk about a treasure hunt within a treasure hunt. It’s like we’re entering the artwork sourcing matrix, right? Seriously though, find some antique stores in your area and scope out those vintage beauties just waiting to find their new home. Don’t be afraid to negotiate!
  • Estate Sales
    • Do you have your heart set on an original painting? An Estate Sale might just be the perfect place to find what you’re looking for. I’ve walked out of estate sales with original artwork and gorgeous frames having spent next to nothing! Be sure to arrive early. As the saying goes, “The early bird catches the worm”—or in this case, the artwork!
  • Goodwill/Thrift Shops
    • Finding beautiful artwork at a thrift store can be hit or miss. Much like antiquing, the treasure hunt can be fun, but frustrating. If you’ve hit a wall, don’t fret! Instead, head over to the book section and start thumbing through those vintage pages to find pictures that are worthy of a prominent place on your wall. You can’t even imagine how amazing book pages, especially when matted and framed, look within a completed gallery wall! Total perfection!
  • Your Photo Collection
    • Last but not least, let’s tap into photos you’ve snapped. Those precious snaps allow you to revisit special moments over and over, be it an incredible beach sunset or a special family outing that you pulled your phone out for at precisely the right time. Pick out a few faves and send those beauties off to be printed. PS, did you know Walgreens offers same day printing for large prints? Walmart offers great same day matte prints. Staples has fantastic engineering prints that are really budget friendly that are perfect for larger black and whites. Turn your favorite memories into hangable art in no time.

See! We don’t have to break your budget to beautify your space! It may take a little time and determination, but the finished product will be so worth it. Don’t overthink it. Just get started and enjoy creating a collection you’ll love to look at!

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